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Fibreless Internet

CompuMission provides Fibreless Internet. Wireless networks is the old technology networks that is fed from copper wire cable. Fibreless is fed by Optic Fibre cable which is much more advanced.

VoIP telecommunication

VoIP (Voice over IP) is the now and the future. It's a great way to communicate and offers a lot more flexibility to call centres, businesses and home users.

Domain Hosting

You have the perfect domain name - call us and make it yours! Having a domain name ensures the future and the integrity of your brand. Own your part of the internet today!

Email Hosting

Professionally hosted email means you get your own customised @ address.Email Hosting gives you the perks of having an @yourdomain address without the need for a website.


CompuMission is a registered and properly licensed ISP (Internet Service Provider).

CompuMission opens the gateway today to many internet access, VoIP and other network solutions. Some of the services we offer are: Fibreless Internet, VoIP Telecommunication,

Domain Hosting, Email Hosting, Networking and many more. Feel free to contact us with any enquiries from the contact form below.

Some Of Our Work

At CompuMission, we strive to deliver only the best quality products and installations to our clients. We are proud to share some of our work with you.

Brands That We Trust

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Ubiquiti Networks
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Poynting Antennas

Product Overview

As registered and properly licensed ISP, CompuMission opens the gateway today to many internet accesses, VoIP and other network solutions. A huge network covered already most of the Western Cape while the development of networks in other places is in the progress. 
Under WISP, we understand an integrated Wide Area Network (WAN) system of connecting customers to the Internet. High-speed wireless data links provide Internet access on a point-to-point and point-to-multipoint basis for companies, governmental organizations, schools, universities and other institutions having Local Area Networks (LAN). 
The Wireless ISP System is a fixed wireless service between the central node and the client. It is not a mobile service, at least in most of the cases, The reason for this is: 
-- Direct line of sight is required between the central node and the client, and 
-- Low power radios and high gain antennas are used for the wireless links to comply with ICASA regulations. 
The Wireless ISP System is a land service operating as a Wide Area Network with cells of 10-45 km radius. It is not a Satellite ISP System. The Wireless ISP System is a bi-directional service, where both the client and the central node is sending and receiving data. It is not a transmitter - receiver system, every node does both tasks. 
The system operates on a point to multi-point basis, and consists of a base station and several client nodes within 10- 25 km radius around it. The client nodes connect to the base unit over wireless links. Therefore, direct line of sight* is required between the client antenna and the base station antenna in order to establish the wireless connection. 
*Direct line of Sight between two points is ability to see from one point the other point without any physical obstacles, like trees, leaves of the trees, branches of the trees, buildings, walls, roof constructions, hills, forests. 
CompuMission is providing these wireless network services with real broadband internet access. A solution to those who have otherwise to go without decent internet access or network links between their different locations. 

What our clients say?

"I have been using CompuMission for many years to host my website as well as mail server. As a professional photographer it is important that my site are always up and running. They are technically very good and are always prepared do go the extra mile with support and to assist me with any problem. I am someone that just love's great service and I am getting "service with a smile" from the guys at CompuMission. My email domain are also a critical part of my work flow daily and I am ALWAYS online. I have referred my friends to CompuMission as I often hear other people who are using other service providers struggle with connections. It is definitely a one stop for your Domain Hosting, Email Services, Networking, and Wireless Internet. Above all their prices are good and that is what I call a bargain. You don't want to spend more than needed to get the basics. But I feel I am spending less and getting more with CompuMission. Thanks guys, keep up the good work! Regards Adele Joubert (Wellington)"

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Doolhof Wine Estate

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Groote Post Vineyards

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If you have any questions or comments, or if you would like to contact us for a quote, please use the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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